Monday, January 28, 2013

Scarf Made Bolero Vest

As I'm still riding high on vests, I thought I'd use this chance to make one. I haven't worn this scarf in a while but I still really like it. It's soft, sort of pretty, but yeah.. mostly it's just soft. Also, with this winter being as cold as it is, I'm all for any new layers I can add under my coat! 
-1 long(ish) scarf

Step 1: Cut scarf in half, then cut one of the halves in half.

Now you'll have 3 pieces that look like this:

Step 2: On the large piece, place double stick tape along the edge (on the bad side) that you just cut and fold. Set this aside until Step 6.

Step 3: Place double stick along one cut edge on each of the small pieces and fold.

Step 4: Now lay the smaller pieces one over the other with good sides together and pin down one of the long, vertical sides.

Step 5: Stitch straight down the side you just pinned. Then, open the scarf. Place on the machine with the good side facing up and stitch across the edges with double stick tape.

When you've finished, the scarf will look like this:

Step 6: Now you're ready to use the large piece. Stretch the large piece out flat on the floor. Fold in half to find the center point and mark with a pin. Then unfold. 

Step 7: With the good sides together, lay the long piece over the two smaller ones, so that the seam is lined up with the pin. Pin across the edge where the pieces meet up.

Step 8: Stitch across. Now is also a good time to stitch the edge on the long piece with the double stick tape on it.

Step 8: Fold the long piece of scarf so the ends all meet up with the bottom of the smaller pieces and pin.

Step 9: Finish by running a 3" row of stitches along each side, from the bottom edge going up. 

Flip right side out and it's ready to wear.

Stay warm, friends!

*double stick tape
*sewing machine


  1. so clever! this means it should be relatively easy to knit a vest as well. like, knit three pieces and stitch them together...have to try it!

    1. Thank you, Mary! The only thing I've ever knit is a vest. You're exactly right, 3 rectangles and very simple:)