Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chevron Heart Necklaces With Valentine Note Cards

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! This short and sweet project is a good way to get your valentine goodies made while making use of leftover scraps. I incorporated leather bits into a necklace for my daughter and used paper and fabric for some handmade Valentine notes that I'm sending out to friends. My scrap box has been crazy full lately so I was happy to have this project to lighten it up, if just a little bit.
What you'll need:
-random scraps 
(leather for the necklace, paper or fabric for the note cards)
-thin chain or embroidery thread

Making The Patterns
Step 1: Fold a small piece of paper in half.

Step 2: Draw half a heart on the folded edge and cut it out.

Step 3: Measure a 1/4" above the dip in the heart and mark on the fold.

Step 4: Move the heart up so the dip is at the mark and trace around the curve.

Step 5: Connect the two open sides with a ruler and pencil.  Cut out the heart.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 thru 5 with the elongated heart you just cut out. Then cut out the new heart.

When you're done the 3 hearts will look like this:

Step 7: Fold a the pattern for the smallest heart in half again and make a hole on near the top with an awl. When you open the heart again you'll have 2 evenly spaced holes.

The Necklace
Step 1: Use the patterns to trace and cut out three hearts on the back of small leather scraps.

Step 2: Cleanly cut out each of the hearts.

Step 3: Arrange the 3 pieces in order of size with the largest is on the bottom, then the medium and the smallest on top. (You can put a little bit of double stick tape on to the backs of the two smaller pieces to temporarily keep everything in place.)

Step 4: Lay the pattern over the smallest heart and make holes through the leather by placing an awl into the two holes on the pattern.

Step 5: Insert jump rings into the the holes. Attach chain on to each jump ring and close. Finish by attaching a clasp to one of the ends of chain.

**As another option for finishing the necklace you can place one hole though the leather near the center top and string with a waxed thread. Adding a bead or two should give the extra weight needed for it to hang right.

The Note Cards
Step 1: Use the patterns to trace and cut out hearts on various pieces of paper and fabric. Arrange the hearts how you'd like and stick them together with a glue stick.

Step 3: Use the glue stick to attach the hearts to the front of your note cards.

*The note cards themselves were created from a small 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" template I made. I really liked this tiny size, but obviously you should make your cards whatever size appeals most to you:)

Lots of love...

*glue stick


  1. >> oooh love it! <3<3 you have so good ideas !

  2. what a cute idea! I would love to try this with some kraft boxes I have for gifts.

  3. The earrings were then moved to a slightly smaller photo frame..
    heart shaped necklace