Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leather Belt Ring

This ring project came about when I noticed that my hands have been pretty bare lately. Probably because I lose rings (and most other stuff I own) like nobody's business. This wasn't what I thought I was going to come up with when I began brainstorming, but I couldn't be happier with it! It's a tiny, totally functional belt ring. These are quick to make and virtually free.

Extra glad for this to be a remnants project, as my scrap box has gotten out of control again. Not that this tiny little scrap is going to make much of a dent, but it's a good excuse to make lots more for my friends.

-scrap of leather (or vinyl)
- 1/4" wide  buckle with center prong

Step 1: Measure the diameter of your finger.

Step 2: Cut a piece of scrap leather that's at least the length from above plus and addition 1", and with a width of 1/4".  Then, cut a second piece with a 1/8" width.

Your two pieces, when you've finished cutting, should look something like this:

Step 3: Make a hole long enough for the belt prong to easily go through 3/4" away from one of the ends.

(Check that the hole is large enough, if not, enlarge it a bit before moving on to the next step.)

Step 4: Use an awl to make 2 side by side holes just beneath the buckle.

Step 5: Secure by stitching through the 2 holes.

Step 6: Plan out where your sizing holes will be by putting the ring on your finger and pulling tight. Mark with a pen where the hole should be placed.

Step 7: From that mark make a few more 1/4" apart from one another.

Step 8: Make holes over each of the marks.

Step 9: The last step is making a keeper. With your 1/8" piece of leather, make a tiny loop that easily fits around the width of the ring.

Step 10: Use an awl to make a hole in each end of the 1/8" piece, then butt the ends together and secure with a tack stitch.

Step 11: Slip the loop over the ring and bring all the way up to the stitches. (Definitely make sure the loop is under the excess tail of leather in the back.)

Step 12: Again, break out the awl to make two holes in the leather. Be sure that you are going through both the top layer of the leather and the second layer folded beneath. Stitch through all. (This prevents the keeper from sliding around.)

Step 13: If you have a lot of excess leather at the end off snip it off.

There! A teeny, tiny belt:)

-tape measure
-utility knife
-needle and thread
-hand sewing punch