Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Candy Corn Embroidered Napkin Rings

As excited as I get about Halloween, every year, without fail, it always seems to stake me by surprise, so I do a lot of last minute running around trying to pull things together. But this year is different! Finally having a dog to dress up put me in the spirit WAY early… or at least early for me.  Since my dog is Halloween ready I've turned my attention to the rest of our house. This sweet candy corn project was an easy, festive way to spruce up my table and incorporates one of my favorite  things to upcycle: scrap leather!
What you'll need:
-leather scraps
-embroidery thread

Step 1: Use the razor and ruler to cut your leather into strips that are an 1 1/2" wide. For the length, cut 6" long if you'd like the results to be circular, and 7" if you'd like them to be a little more rectangular.

Step 2: Draw a candy corn shape onto a small piece of paper.

Step 3: Use your awl to make small holes on the line all around the shape.

Step 4: Cut around the shape.

Step 5: Place it in the center of the leather strip and push through the holes again with the awl. This will make a impression on the leather below.

Step 6: Make 2 more candy corn impressions, 1 to the right of the center shape and 1 to left.

Step 7: Now go back over the holes one more time with the awl, making sure that it is piercing all the way through the leather. Placing the leather on a surface with some give will make this a bit easier, even an old magazine will work.

Step 8: Starting with the yellow thread, sew the wide bottom 1/3 the candy corn. You will be filling the shape by repeatedly stitching diagonally across.
\\\\You don't have to make it look perfect, in fact the more variety you give the more interesting the finished results will be!////

Step 9: Repeat step 8 on the other two candy corns.

Step 10: Stitch the next 1/3 in orange...

Step 11: …and finally stitch up the tip in white.

Step 12: Finish by overlapping the ends by 1/2" and stitching them together.

Happy Howl-oween!!


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