Sunday, December 18, 2011

Projects for Procrastinators: Fast and Fabulous Holiday Gift Tags

Receiving cards and notes from friends and family around the holidays is something that always makes me really happy. They're warm, charming, and great for catching up, but then comes the question: Er... so, what's the right amount of time to keep these things before they get chucked into the recycling bin? Something about this whole act makes me weirdly guilty. (Surely, I'm not the only freak who thinks about this, right?) Ultimately, they always seem to make their way into my box of holiday decorations so I can procrastinate the inevitable for another year.

So after a couple of weeks of gazing at the ghosts of Christmas Cards Past this year, I've come up with a compromise that I feel comfortable with... making them into gift tags.

There quick, a little more charming than the regular store-bought fare and totally, 100% free from guilt!

-recycled cards
-used gift tags (optional)

Step 1: Cut away parts of the card that have writing on them.

Step 2: You'll need some tags to use as templates for tracing onto the useable parts of the cards. The ones pictured below I made, but it's just as easy to skip this part by tracing some old gift tags that you've already got sitting around.

Step 3: Trace your tags on to the backside of the card. (You may want to plan where you're going to lay each tag to make sure you getting the most interesting parts of the image.)

Step 3: Carefully cut out the tags you've drawn on the traced lines.

Step 4: Use a hole punch to make a little hole in the top of the tag.

Packages pretty, guilt assuaged!
Happy holidays y'all!

*hole punch


  1. i love this....may i suggest that "projects for procrastinators" become as regular feature on this blog? ;)

  2. Ha! Could TOTALLY get with something like that.

  3. Just found your blog via WhipUp :)

    These gift tags are so clever, I now know what to do with all these lovely Christmas cards addressed to the previous tenant.

    Looking forward to more last-minute crafts!

  4. Oh, great! LOVE Whip Up!
    Glad you like the quickies, too. Definitely will be busy trying to think up some new ones:)