Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Handmade Gifting: Coffee Cozies 2 Ways

Wow! Can't believe that it's already time to start getting holiday gifts together, but alas here we are again. Originally this was something that I made for myself, but I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to share them with friends! Maybe you'll want to share them, too.

If you're going to drink to-go coffee at least you can cut down on some of the waste in style.
-colorful yarn
-paper coffee sleeve

Step 1:Make a sharpie mark on to the paper cozie where the two pieces overlap. Then pull apart.

Step 2: If the overlap area is excessive trim down to a 1/2" or so. This cozy will now serve as your pattern.

Step 3: Trace the pattern onto you felt and cut out cleanly.

Step 4: If you haven't already done so, make a plan for you design.

Step 5: Choose your favorite(s) and draw them right onto the felt.

Step 6: Stitch in the drawn design with yarn.

Step 7: Now use doublestick tape (or pins) to overlap the 2 ends by 1/4".

Step 8: Quickly slide the sleeve over a coffee cup to make sure that the fit is correct. (If it's too tight or loose make the proper adjustment before going on to step 9.)

Step 9: Finish by stitching across the overlapped area until you're sure the pieces are well connected.

Oh, yeah... as said in the title of this post, I made another one. An easy applique...again in the eye motif; I can't get enough of it! I reused the patterns I had left over from the Eye Elbow Project (and made a few smaller ones, as well). Except this time I played up the colors. A lot.

To make this one, just follow steps 1 through 3 above and then add the eyes as instructed here.

Ha! I look so attached to it already. This is probably the one I'm 
going  to be keeping for myself:) Happy gifting, friends!

-tailor's chalk


  1. Perfect Upcycle! Never though of this. I have been re-using old wine bottles to make candles! So much gets tossed that could be used with a little creativity.

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    1. So glad you like it:) Wine bottles for candles is great idea. Will definitely have to try that sometime.